What’s up people!

IT’S AUTUMN! Autumn is full of bright colours and falling leaves. It’s my favourite season of all. Autumn clothing is the comfiest. I love the colours as well; burnt orange and dark purples. 

  Here are some of my Autumn Favourites.

 First of all are the jumpers. They are the comfiest piece of clothing! This jumper is from New Look and it looks quite thick but it’s actually very thin. Suitable for changing weather. I haven’t been asked my New Look to do a promotion, I just love their jumpers!

Also the colour is so trendy at the moment. The wool is soft as well and it does not rub against my skin. 

The best jumpers are the Christmas jumpers. The jumpers with cute little penguins on them with a 3D pattern. I also have many jumpers with Christmas patterns on them, patterns which are red and white and are repetitive.

So winter is the weather when your lips start to crackle. Vaseline works a treat! The Rosy Lips vaseline has an amazing smell to it to. I’ll sound like an absolute freak when I say this but you can smell it through your mouth.  

 Rosy Lips also does give you what it says on the tin. It does give you Rosy Lips and an amazing shine to it! It gives you a glittery look to your lips, in the way that other lip glosses do. With vaseline, it also helps your lips and closes the cracks so it’s two in one. 
One last thing, throughout the day you will need to keep applying it as it only lasts an hour or so, but I highly recommend it!

 BEANIES! I have only recently started wearing these but I think they suit everyone with all different sized heads, sized bodies and hair length. It gives you a rustig look. 

Every sort of hat makes you warm up. As the heat rises out of your head, the hat will trap the heat in and make you feel a little warmer.

The colour beanies I got are brown and black. These colours suit everything; every coat; every top; every type of shoe; every hair colour.  

I would recommend you to wear beanies. 

 This Cocoa Butter is from Boots

I can’t even explain the smell but it smells incredible! It smells tranquil and it makes you feel so calm. It makes your skin soft. It doesn’t leave your skin wet or oily. It hydrates straight away and I find that it helps with stretch marks and random wrinkles. 

You put it on after you shower. Your skin can be either wet or dry when you apply it. 

What I find is that if you put Johnsons Baby Oil on your skin straight after you shower and then dab yourself dry; apply the body butter after the baby oil and your skin will feel even more softer… And plus, the baby oil smells AMAZING!

Lipstick colours are essential in Autumn. The trending colours are dark purple, dark brown and a pale nude colour. I find that the lipstick that suits me is the dark purple. This may be because my hair is light brown and my skin is very light so the dark purple lipstick contrasts with my skin and hair. These have been my Autumn Favourites. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. Let me know what you think.



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