Be honest…

What’s up people!

When you’re upset and hurt about something that has happened, do you keep your emotions in?That was technically a rhetorical question because everyone tries and holds it in. It’s a human thing to do.
By holding in your inner emotions and feelings creates an illusion that everything is going to get worse so you keep it held in until you get so worked up over it that you just burst into tears for no apparent reason.

Another effective way of releasing that anger that you have inside is to write down your emotions in a journal.

You should always always talk to someone. Anyone. Do not keep your emotions inside of you. They will soon explode and it is very difficult to get out of that situation.



3 thoughts on “Be honest…

  1. accountkeepingplus says:

    A good reminder Dani – as was written in the past –
    A burden shared is a burden halved… &…
    Confess … to each other…and pray for each other – James 5.6
    And it all ties in with the reason for the season

    Thanks for the encouraging, thought-provoking blog, Paul in Australia


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