16 Things I’ve Learnt In My 16 Years of Living

  1. You should always feel the part. Everybody knows that feeling when you’re going out for a meal with your family and you dress up smart and you feel pretty… You should have that feeling everyday. Having this feeling everyday will make your performance better, especially in school because whether or not you look the part, if you feel the part and if you feel pretty then it will soon show and your appearance will start to match the way you feel. You always need them days, usually on the weekends, when you just spend the day in your pyjamas and you feel comfy.
  2. Don’t take negative comments seriously. You have to remember that you won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. Not everybody will like you, the way you dress, the way you act or the way you speak. People are entitled to their own opinions, it’s how you react to them that is the real test.
  3. Read books. Reading calms the brain. It also helps you to increase your vocab.
  4. Keep your family close. No matter what you do, your family will never leave your side. Friends will come and go, but family? They’re not gling anywhere.
  5. Be creative! Being creative also calms the brain. If you create something, it gives you satisfaction and you can keep what you made to remind yourself of the memory. 
  6. Be active! If you’re unhappy with your weight, do something about it. You’re not going to be a certain size forever. Not only will you lose weight and look slimmer, but your health will become better and inside you will feel amazing. Words can’t describe the feeling and money cannot buy the feeling you feel when you loose weight and become happy in your own skin.
  7. Be germ free! Washing your hands and bathing are extra important. 99% of bacteria is invisible. Wash your hands constantly. I would recommend you to carry a antibacterial hand gel with you.
  8. Be colourful. You will feel so much more alive if you add a little colour into your life. Maybe paint your room a wacky colour or wear a wacky t-shirt. At first you’ll hate it, but as it goes on you’ll learn to love it.
  9. Stay away from carbs! It’s always been thought that sugar is bad for you, but it turns out carbohydrates are the same. People don’t realise it but too many carbs are pretty bad for you.
  10. Follow your own trend. Isn’t it boring following the trend; looking like every other teenager. Make your own style. Follow your own trend.
  11. Drink water! Water keeps your hydrated. Always drink water when you’re feeling hungry. This will stop you from binge eating and snacking. Also it helps to keep you refreshed!
  12. Find a hobby. Hobbies are the best! This will make you work towards something and will give you something to calm yourself down when you’re feeling low.
  13. Eat! Don’t starve yourelf! Eat 3 meals a day. Do not starve yourself if you want to lose weight. Starving yourself will make you put more weight on. 
  14. Go travelling! Ok so you don’t have to go abroad. What I mean is to get out of the house. Refresh your mind. Go to different places. National Trust places always seem to please me.
  15. Dress for the weather. If it’s cold and you have a big fluffy coat, don’t be afraid to wear it. They won’t be laughing when they’re full of coughs and colds. 
  16. SMILE! You don’t have to smile on the outside, but smile on the inside. Enjoy the life you’ve been given.     

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