I have a job…

What’s up people!

  Just thought I’d also put a picture of my dog in here because he’s cute.

Having a job – It’s such a responsibility for me at this age. I’m only 16 and I feel proud of myself for having a job. I also have extra money which is good so I can spend it on clothes and what I want!

Guess what job I have…



Lil’ look back on 2015!

What’s up people!

So today, well tonight because it is currently 10:50pm, I thought I’d just take a little look back on the events of 2015 in my life.

This is also a fun idea for everyone to do to look back on old memories and to see what you could do either to make yourself better or just to come up with new ideas for 2016. 

 So my number one thing that happened to me in 2015 is coming out. Coming out is always a hard thing to do – especially when your parents are separated. Even to this day only my mums side of the family know and I hope to keep it that way. My mum and other members of my family were (well are) super supportive. To add to this, for my 16th birthday my mum brought me a cake which was rainbow inside with all different coloured layers. This just made me feel so overwhelmed to know that my mum supports me 100% of the way.

The second thing that happened in my life is.. Hmm… GCSES! Like many of you out there reading this, you had taken your GCSE’s in May/June/July time. It was such a scary experience – taking all of these exams within a one month period (for me anyway). I was so so nervous on every single exam I had, even though I only had about 9 because the rest was coursework. Luckily I came out with the best results I could have ever wished for and finally made it into sixth form! *insert firework emoji* I bet all of you are proud of your GCSE’s too, whenever you took them and whatever they were called back in the day.

My third and final huge thing that happened in my life was when I went on a school trip to the one and only USA! USA! USA! Yes that’s right, we went to USA! Sorry I just love saying USA! Anyway, as I think I already blogged about it, I won’t go into too much detail but basically we went to Honduras. It was the best experience ever! It was an eye opener to see l these happy people without any mobiles or any electronic device. They were literally living off the fat of the lan and ever since I arrived back home, I’ve hardly used my phone. I have deleted a lot of media sites like Instagram because it was pointless and making me really depressed to see celebrities in all these fancy clothes and being size 8 – I felt so anxious about my self so I decided to delete it and I have never been happier. 

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HAPPY 2016! (Well it’s 2 days away but shh nobody knows)


My love of Aladdin has gotten too far now … 

What’s up people!

There is something about me that only one of my friends know… Well now the whole world knows. YES. I LOVE ALADDIN!

Everything about it is perfect. The characters, script, moral and of course, a topless guy (can’t go wrong)

But seriously. It’s my actual favourite. For our Smart and Silly Day next year, I may go as Aladdin and my best friend will probably go as Jasmine. Oh my god, how cute will that be. 


  •   It’s not what is outside but is inside that counts