Getting back into routine!

What’s up people!

I hate getting back into my usual routine – I absolutely love Christmas, but not afterwards. I’m so tired er. 

Anyone else struggled?



Ta’rah 2015… HELLO 2016!!

What’s up people!

This year has gone super super quick! Too quick in fact. It still feels like 2005 if I’m honest. This is the time when I go back to school and start writing 2015 and then realising its 2016 but trying to change it slighly so that no body notices. I bet everyone does that. Not just me. Please say it’s not just me!  

2016 sounds CRAZY to say! This year has proper whizzed by. It’s so scary! I don’t like it! 17 in 8 months, woah. I hope 2016 is a good year for you guys!

I am going to do more exercise, eat more healthily and enjoy life and every experience more

Comment down below and let me know your New Years resolution. 

Remember guys, even though this blog is not as popular as I would hope it would be in the future, you have to start somewhere. I mean come on, look at Zoella. Everyone knows her! 

Anyway, Happy new year guys! …think I’ve already said that… Oh well… 

Let’s end it here, er yeah… I’m hungry.