Christmas heaven!

What’s up people!

So you know it’s nearly christmas when…
That’s right guys, today me and mum decided to take a detor around Gloucester Quays. All the Christmas decorations are out, shops are full of Christmas toys/candles/ornamments. Anything christmassy you can think of, it’s all there.

In the first shop we went in, we spent almost an hour just smelling candles! In the end we didn’t even get any for ourselves, we just got one for my nan but smelling those candles got me in the Christmas spirit early.

  I’m super excited for Christmas this year!

I actually wanted to buy everything.

I feel like the running up to Christmas is the most exciting part. When Christmas actually comes, it’s not that exciting as the running up to it.

Like now, I’m super hyped for it. Usually when it’s Christmas day you feel blessed in a way but also upset that it’s going to be all over soon.

  Christmas is just that season when you want to wear a onesie in the evening with a nice hot chocolate, snuggling on the settee watching Christmas movies.

I hope you guys are as excited for Christmas as I am!

What do you guys want for Christmas anyway?